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This site is owned by "Votive sas" with headquarters in Via del Lavoro Industrial Zone Ca 'de Bolli 26817 S. Martino in Strada (LO). It is dedicated to retail, in line with the distance selling legislation (DL 185/99 ) which provides precise obligations for the seller and as many specific rights for the customer.
Orders can be made in the following ways:
- by telephone request to the number 0371 432778 - 335 5348756
- by e-mail at
DELIVERY - The company Votive sas will deliver to the address indicated in the order the products purchased within the specified time. Not be liable for any delays occurred during transport.
The goods are shipped to the customer's home by courier, with the relevant transport document or invoice.
The goods are properly packaged, pre-assembled, ready for installation, placed in packages and delivered on pallets. The packs are delivered to the customer's home as a result of any telephone notice by the carrier itself.
Delivery time: the sending of packages will take place, if the products are available in stock, the next business day after the order and delivery is normally within 24 hours. For items on request or not on stock it will be delivered within 30 days from date of order. Receipt of the goods: at the delivery, the customer must verify the integrity of the parcels to detect any damage to packaging.
In case of damage to the package the customer can pick up the goods unchecked highlighting the problem to the shipper who will issue a document on which is indicated the withdrawal conditional and the extent of damage to the packaging.
In the event that the products are damaged, the customer can request a replacement under warranty by contacting customer support.
In case of damage to the goods not yet withdrawn the customer may refuse delivery; the carrier will issue a document certifying the reason of the failure to collect.
SHIPMENTS - For deliveries in foreign locations is necessary to request a quote.
Shipments with cash on delivery are encumbered by the rights required by the carrier, accounting for 2% of the amount, with a minimum of € 5.00
PACKING CHARGES FREE - On all products prices will not be burdened by the cost of packaging, which will be totally free for our clients
PAYMENT - For deliveries by courier, the product will be paid by the customer on delivery by check or by bank transfer on receipt of goods.
WARRANTY AND ASSISTANCE - The Votive sas company supplies over the entire serial production, the warranty of six years. For candleholders and electronic church-candles holders warranty is provided for two years. The assistance to the goods is ensured with periodic steps to prevent the abandonment after purchase, but on the contrary we can perceive our company as a reliable partner, always available to every request.



Reproduction and use, even partial, of all the content in this website is strictly forbidden unless expressly authorized in writing by Votivo Sas.

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Privacy Policy