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Electric gestural votive candle-holder
Model 502 - 33 candles
Votivo Arredi Sacri: Candeliere elettrico gestuale per Chiesa

Art. 33/CA

Made of hammered and painted metal, electric gestural candle-holder with 33 light points guarantees the possibility of a number of simultaneous ignitions enough to cope with demand peaks already quite high.

The integrated strongbox in the votive candle-holders pedestal, guarantees against possible thefts.

The model 502, also in 33 point lights type, is gestural so its use involves making the gestures needed to light a candle in a traditional chandelier.

Votive Candle-holder technical sheet:

Weight: 70 kg

Height: 102 cm

Depth: 34 cm

Console Width: 80 cm




6 years



1090,00 €



1) What does gestural mean?
- The word “gestural” indicates manual operations to be perfomed. 

2) How does a gestural candle-holder work?
- A "gestural candleholder" mimics the gestures of the faithful who traditionally take a candle, light it up and put it into the compartment.

3) How does an electric candle-holder with switches work?
- An Electronic candle-holder with switches works thanks to a lever that is used to turn on an electric candle

4) How does an electronic candle-holder work?
- An Electronic candleholder use a processor that understand when a coin is inserted, and it turns on a candle automatically.

5) The faithful can use paper money to turn an electronic candle-holder?
- Yes, the candlestick can receive all offers, either coins or paper money.

6) The offer to light a candle is free?
- Yes the offer is at the discretion of the faithful.

7) There will be a guarantee for the "Votivo church furnishings" products?
- The company Votivo Sas provides on all its serial production the warranty for 6 years For electronic candleholders the warranty is provided for 2 years.

8) How can I buy the products "Votivo"?
- By telephone request at the numbers: 0371 432778 - 335 5348756 ; by email at adress:

9) How are electric candles made?
- Electric candles have the shape of regular candles, with a flame-shaped bulb at the top. Our candles are made with a particular PVC mixture which try to remember to touch the wax, thus also providing a tactile sensation the more truthful possible.

10) How are the electric church-candles made?
- The electric church-candles are colored cylinders, which give off light from the slots above. The interior contains true wax, which while not serving as fuel gives the product a very realistic look.

11) Can I choose the color of the church-candles?
- Yes, upon request is possible to choose the color among the avilable ones: generally red, white, blue.

12) It's need to insert a coin to light a candle?
- Only in electronic candlesticks one is obliged to insert a coin or a banknote to achieve activation of the votive candle. In candlesticks gestural the offer is left to the freedom of conscience of the faithful.


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